Winter clothes that will wrap your precious companion in the most perfect happiness

Brand Story

Dogs' aging process is much faster than us humans

With our sincere desire for our best friends to have a happy life surrounded by high-quality products that are gentle on their body.


Shower your precious family with lots of love



100% Baby alpaca wool
Envelope your furry friend in the warmth of this rare material.

It is incredibly smooth to touch and gives luxurious cozy feeling.

Our wish

Aran Sweater, which is said to have a history of 500 years.

The patterns vary and each pattern has a meaning.

"Wishing you a happy life ahead"
We have put such wish into our original Aran knitting designs.


Our products are all made in Japan by craftsmen with 50 years of experience.

The whole garment manufacturing method saves resources and the seamless technology gives extra comfort.

Your little companion will feel comfortable in the highly stretchable material, no matter whether it’s running around or just lying down at a cafe.

Connecting all kinds of " Welcome " s

Want to give back to the unconditional love they show us,

so we can cast light on many precious lives.